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Currently Obsessed: March

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ah March! You've always been one of my favourite months and with both my babies having their birthdays this month, I've been expecting a lot of you. Baby 1's party has been and gone, Baby 2's mini non-party (she is only 1 after all, she'll never remember it right?) is rolling around soon and in the meantime, I'm ignoring the continued winter time and projecting myself into hotter climes (flights to Ibiza are indeed booked....). 

My obsession this month is with texture. The more the better. From the raised platinum leather braiding on Sabrina Tach's Suede Aquila Crossbody Bag to the clever seer sucker style cotton of Loup's Henry Blouse, I can't get enough. I've even tracked down my new favourite texture-full earrings in these Crystal Nugget Studs from By Boe. It's true that the super soft Infinity Scarf  (Cloth & Ink) and the smudgy yellow ochre nail polish (Butter London in Bumster (quality name) are less texture and more silky smooth but I just can't resist, they make for the perfect new season look. I love this mix of neutrals and boho, it's making planning for all of the holidays I just NEED to take, very fun.....

Currently Obsessed: February

Friday, February 22, 2013

This month, after despairing slightly due to the truly over-chilled weather conditions, lack of sunshine, and in my case, woeful hair style (I'll table that for another post...) I’m buoyed by some bright new arrivals that are helping me style myself into spring cheer despite the after mentioned downers.

First up is the Orange Icewonderland Knit from ShILIconfeTTI. I’m obsessing over this graphic print and combined with my magnetic draw to anything in heather grey, I adore this palette of soft orange and French lavender. Fit wise, this ticks all my boxes, it’s a vintage skinny shape and longer in length which gives it a modern silhouette and means it works perfectly layered over skinnies or cigarette pants and brogues.

I’m pairing this graphic lovely with the utterly timeless Grey Row Tote from DNTX. I almost don’t understand how I’ve managed in life so far without this bag since it’s immediately an every day essential to me. Hard wearing leather straps and detailing, dark grey canvas body and delicate seersucker trim brings a touch of the nautical to it. It's DNTX true love for me. 

On the magpie front, I’m going stack happy with double By Boe Charm rings paired with the slightly heavier and more statement Druzy Solitaire from FriedaSophie. I like how these different weight rings work together and the sweet heart charms on the By Boe bands gives the whole look an extra edge.

So there February, I will take your sad weather and raise you some essential accessories. I win! 


The Lone Star State...

Friday, January 18, 2013

I find myself constantly on the hunt for a little bit of perfect when it comes to an every day and every occasion bag and by jove, this season, I think I've found it! After scouring the states, we have a new RRR love in the form of DNTX (Death and Texas). Sure, it has something of a macabre ring to it but if you think sunsets and all things cowboy equestriana rather than sadness and dust, you'll have a good idea of what inspires this line.

With a Texas native behind the collection, DNTX pieces are all hand made with love in Brooklyn New York and I am already smitten with these simple designs made from heavy waxed canvas, vegetable-tanned harness leather, and a hint of delicate seersucker trim. Think pretty-cowboy-Barbour-bag and you're nearly there. We love. My name is already on The Row Tote (mid sized perfection) wait list but I just know that before spring is out, I'll have succumbed to the Tug Tote (who doesn't carry far too much around with them every day?!) and a precious little Clutch thrown in for good travelling measure.



Thursday, September 13, 2012

I know, I know, who needs another tote bag? As a closet collector, I should be resolutely answering 'no' to that but frankly in this case, I DO!  I am completely obsessed with these oversized canvas totes - simple but wonderfully must have. Suddenly I absolutely need to have a bag which expresses my mood in a text/ FB/ twitter friendly anacronym, how on earth have I managed until now? My first purchase will be LOL since it's my general mood of preference but despite having to wiki' YOLO (sigh, does that make me old?) I'm pretty convinced this one needs to join my collection too. 

Since our shipment is very nearly winging it's way to us I'm relieved that the wait is nearly over. Finally a cute and quirky solution to my baby bag + work bag + hand bag woes all rolled into one. Joy! 

As a footnote, I'll be counting the days until every possible anacronym is available so that I can talk solely in 'tote'. Natch'.


(Get a Grip Totes  £59 available October 2012 

Shadow Boxing...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This week our little Autumn hearts are all a-flutter with the prospect of the new Shadow Box collection from Rachel Rose. After her repeat sell out summer line, we are squirrelling away a Rachel Rose piggy bank to invest in these little hand painted beauties. We'll be pairing the bold Multi Cell Day Dress with Niki Biki leggings, Isabel Marant ankle boots and a snug White + Warren cashmere boyfriend cardi. Consider us all set for the new season, Rachel's simple T-shirt shapes are fast becoming our answer to all fashion conundrums.


Three babies and counting...

Friday, July 20, 2012

This week marks the first days in my official return to RRR-dom, to what is, in many ways baby#1 (a quieter and cleaner but no less demanding child!). 

Post baby#2  (Sammy, 2ish) and baby#3 (Edith, 4 months), it is a somewhat different horizon to my early RRR years when 7 hours sleep was de rigeur (ha!) and travelling was possible without nineteen bags, far too many snacks and an endless ‘just-in-case’ trips to the loo. Oh the glamourous life…These days, my Marketa tote is embarrassingly full of Peppa mags, Thomas the Tank Engine Pants and Babybels but somehow the kiddies are managing to co-exist and sometimes overlap. 

It’s difficult to step back from your own business but what has been lovely in the past months is how well looked after baby#1 has been. Nothing puts you in your place quite like realizing you are completely replaceable!  Whilst I’ve been combing out the locks of babies with far too much hair, and living the joys of potty training, Red Ruby Rouge has been in far more capable hands than my own and it’s me that now needs trained up to make sure I’m up to scratch. Perhaps I should go away more often *booking flights*…. 


Caroline's Top Sale Picks....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tucker Rosie Rosie Kimono Wrap.  As a major Tucker fan there's no way I could resist this most versatile of prints, it can be worn as jacket or as a top, dressed down for day or up for night. A complete must have. 

Loup Indigo Fitted Jacket. I love this lightest of denim fabric, it is such a handy jacket to have. Light enough to wear on a summer day and the perfect accompaniment to the Indigo box tee, never has double denim looked so good.

Splendid Striped boatneck dress. I've been wearing this all season, the softest cotton and the perfect stripe make this breton dress a wardrobe essential. (Tip: looks great with the Ulla Johnson skinny belt.)

Silver Cleopatra Necklace. A sale is always a perfect time to stock up on accessories and this beauty is a great choice. Understated and often admired this can be worn with any of the other sale picks and just adds that finishing touch.

Splendid Simple Leggings. These are a great buy, I'm considering getting some in both black and navy, the highest quality cotton and something you can never have too many of. 


Mary's Top Sale Picks....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

By Boe Black Contrast Necklace. I love how it stands out yet is so simple and delicate. Could be worn casually or for going out.

Splendid Round Neck Tee. A great stripy staple. Perfect all through the year, either with shorts in the summer or jeans and boots in the winter.

Porcelain Boho Navy Top. Beautiful dark navy silk draped perfectly and totally flattering. Style it with skinny black jeans and stilettos for a stylish night out.

Splendid Heather Grey Vintage tee. This is the sort of thing that is great to get in the sale. Perfectly practical, super soft and comfy. Yet luxury chic all at the same time. 


Pop in to Pop-Up

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This week RRR HQ has been all a-buzz with the launch of Little Citizens Boutique – a candy shop of kid’s clothes and lifestyle treats, taking temporary ‘pop-up’ residence chez Red Ruby Rouge.  To say we’re happy to share our space with this newbie store doesn’t quite cover it – we have loved soaking up the adorable baby gifts and exclusive ‘mini’ fashion lines brought to NI by the mastermind behind LCB, Alicia Waddell. Frankly we feel honored to share even a little in the launch of this inspiring new online retailer. 

For two weeks only Little Citizens Boutique’s mission is to bring the best designs from around the world. Seeking out independent and small labels from Paris to Hong Kong through the Mojave desert that design with vision and style. The toys and clothes inspire the imagination, to remind us of good times past and present, and to prepare little citizens for the adventures of their life. 

Little Citizens Boutique is unique not only in it’s product base but also in the fact it is the first Pop-Up shop to hit our home town Holywood and one of a growing group of exciting new businesses in Northern Ireland to jump on the band wagon of all things Pop-Up.

It seems that the first Pop-Ups appeared in 1999 in LA but the idea of having a short term store stocking limited edition items quickly spread from niche to global as brands like Kate Spade, Gucci and Liberty saw the benefit of creating an exclusive limited lease selling space.

2011 saw a wave of Pop-Up businesses spread across Northern Ireland, the most talked about one being Home, a collaboration between chef Ben Haller and furniture up-cycling collective Refound (who coincidentally collaborated with Alicia on kitting out LCB). Creating an event as well as first class dining the short-term nature of the Pop-up caused a frenzy of bookings so keen were we to share the experience before it was gone.

While we’re lucky enough to have the LCB oh our doorstep, come by and meet the team and check out the newest retail trend holding it’s own in this tough climate. And of course, don’t forget to pop in to see the latest in NYC design In Red Ruby Rouge, that way everyone will look good!

x Caroline

RRR welcomes Little Citizens Boutique!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Here at RRR, we love ourselves a good Pop Up - whether resto, shop or art installation, what's not to love about a fresh and inspiring concept to brighten up your Monday morning and that is exactly what has happened here today. 

We are super-duper-uber delighted to be home to the Little Citizens Boutique, a haven of adorable baby clothes, perfect newborn gifts and the sweetest kid's lifestyle goodies we have ever seen. LCB is residing chez RRR for two weeks (June 11 - June 24) and we already feel inspired to have such an exciting new neighbour. You absolutely must take a few minutes to browse their b-e-a-utiful new web store (attention please to the hand drawn illustrations that pepper the site) and if you are local to our store, stop by to peruse these gorgeous picks up close. We challenge any mother/ grandmother/ god mother/ baby gift buyer not to want everything immediately!