Ruby Tinted Glasses

Paris in the Springtime with Rachel Khoo

I watched a new cookery show on BBC2 on Monday called The Little Paris Kitchen. The cutest show about ‘tiny sized life’, it focuses on Rachel Khoo who runs the smallest restaurant in Paris. Her flat is a studio set up with bedroom, dining room and kitchen in one. However the lack of space has not hindered her style or creativity in any way. Rather she seems to have been inspired by it to create something original and unique. 

Wandering around Paris, Rachel Khoo looks beautiful with a slick of red lipstick and cute polka dot dresses. Oh how we wish we were doing the same!

The recipes are inspiring and easy to follow. She makes it look easy and enjoyable. The simple act of going to the market, getting the fresh ingredients and making something from scratch is made beautiful by her attitude and the location. According to Khoo “butter makes everything better” and we couldn’t agree more! Having trained at Le Cordon Bleu, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to French cooking.

This is a girl who is making amazing dishes and living her beautiful and stylish life in the tiniest space imaginable. Using a work top hot plate and a mini oven she can whip up French lamb stew, madelines and coq en vin as easy as that. With Edith Piaf records playing in the background we have totally fallen for Khoo and her Paris ‘dream come true’ life style.

I am definitely going to be trying the madelines this weekend and attempting to create a tiny Paris at home!

The Little Paris Kitchen Continues on BBC2 on Monday at 8:30